About us

The IDB Family Association is an organization funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Our mission is to provide support for the families of the IDB employees in their adaptation process through several programs and activities that will also help them bond and feel integrated in the community.


What are our main goals?

  • Together with the Bank, we seek to promote the wellbeing of the families of the IDB employees in the different stages of their adaptation to the new environment.
  • To foster friendship and cooperation between the members through the activities organized by the Association catering for the demands of our Associates.
  • To support and maintain the contact and the exchange of information between the Headquarters and the Family Associations in other countries. By doing this, there will be a Family Association in every country where the Bank has offices, ready to welcome the new employees, who are new to the Bank or that arrive from other countries.
  • To maintain a close relation with the Employee Association, the Retiree Association, the Human Resources Department and other administrative offices of the Bank to coordinate joint actions that provide a better service to the members and that keeps them informed on the use they could do of the benefits the Bank has to offer.
  • To develop programs and events that appeal our members together with other national and international entities.