The Inter-American Development Bank was inaugurated in 1960 during the first Meeting of Governors held in
El Salvador, where Mr. Felipe Herrera was elected the first President.

It is then that a migratory process begins for its employees and their families, and in 1964, Ms. Ann Upton and Ms. Agnes Wolf, understanding the impact of these migrations, create a program that makes it easier for them to change their countries of residence.

This is how they constitute, on the one hand, the Human Relations Committee, comprised by the employees of seven member countries led by Ms. Ann Upton and Ms. Inés Herrera, and on the other hand, the Counseling Committee, comprised by eleven members. The latter was integrated by a group of volunteers that provided support for the employees and their families in the process of adapting to Washington D.C.

In 1967 they write the first by-law of what would in time be known as the “Ladies’ Committee”, with the supervision of the Bank Employee Association.

In 1971 the new president of the IDB, Mr. Antonio Ortiz Mena and his wife, Ms. Marta S. de Ortiz Mena, as a manner of confirming their support to the Ladies’ Committee, create a permanent office in the main building where it would function regularly.

During 1972 and 1974, the Ladies’ Committee becomes the “IDB Family Association”, as it is known today, name that highlights the public it serves: that is, the employee and the members of his or her family.

Nowadays, the IDB Family Association is an autonomic entity and it functions according to its own by-laws and with an annual budget assigned by the Bank depending on its needs and the services it offers to the members.

The functional organizational chart is integrated by the Board of Directors, elected by its members, a Coordinator that is an employee of the Bank and that works as a liaison between the Bank and the Association, and an assistant. The Board of Directors is elected during a General Assembly for a two-year period. It is comprised by volunteers that are also members and it is responsible for elaborating and implementing a Work Plan.