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The CAS (Social Assistance Committee) was created in March 2016 with the purpose of managing the social assistance programs Social Projects and A Friendly Hand, run by the IDB Family Association in Washington DC.

Objective: to promote, evaluate, recommend the approval and verify the execution of the projects of both programs.

Members of the CAS Social Assistance Committee

Miembros CAS 2016

CAS Members 2016

Miembros CAS 2017

CAS Members 2017

CAS Coordinator: Gisel Sayous

Social Projects Team: Daniela Dtorrico, Paola Vergara, Martha Tango y Álvaro Acha

A Friendly Hand Team: Elizabeth Solorzano, Paloma Monroy, Rocío Botero, Cristina Mendez Vives, Rita Medeia y Leonardo Paez

Fundraising Team: Fana Molano