A Friendly Hand Program is an instrument that the Family Association in the Representations have in order to promote the realization of social projects for the benefit of the community where they live. 

This Program seeks to fulfill two fundamental objectives: to provide a SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY, through a small social project and to INTEGRATE the IDB community. 

Integration is a two-fold process. On the one hand, learning to offer our hands in joint team work and with solidarity, which allows us to interact directly in the execution of these projects. In addition, it seeks, through this volunteer work, to integrate our beloved IDB Family with the community, which will allow us to learn about the needs of the countries of the region. 

Starting in 2011, the program combines two parts of our goal, “Help while Integrating” in the field of Education, Poverty Reduction, Climate Change and Opportunities for the general public, through funds managed by the Association of Families in Washington with the IDB authorities. 

We have a list of the projects already developed. The proposed themes have been as diverse as the needs of each country. The objectives have been many, but our satisfaction even greater… We invite all Associations to join our proposal: those who already had the experience, those who want to start, and those who do not know how to take the first step and need our guidance – but who are ready to lend a helping hand.  

Below we detail all the necessary information that includes the steps that will allow you to make your project happen. 

How to request resources from “A Friendly Hand“:

The procedures and requirements for submitting projects, as well as the necessary supporting documentation, are found in the Regulations for the Presentation of Projects to the Friendly Hand Program. The following links also provide access to information on the history of the Program and the summary of the projects it has financed so far. 

A Friendly Hand Regulations

A Friendly Hand Summary


Summary Table


A Friendly Hand 2016


Caserio Nuevo Paquisic 
Building of Classrooms.  
AFH Activity: Participation: 43 peopleMaterial for classrooms, boards, desks and bookshelves were given. A talk about the proper treatment of materials was given. Benefitted population: 60 kids. 


Stichting Voor Het Kind 

Fixing a school Wall. 

AFH Activity: Participation: 18 people. School’s gates were preserved; a dinner was prepared and shared with the community. Benefited population: 18 kids.

Stichting Voor Het Kind Reparación del muro de la escuela Actividad de UMA: 18 personas. Se lijaron y pintaron los portones de la escuela; se preparó y compartió una cena con la comunidad. Población beneficiada:18 niños


  • Education Center San Juan Pablo II. Centro de Acopio.Benefitted population: 950 students. 

Centro educativo San Juan Pablo II Centro de Acopio falta foto Población beneficiada: 950 alumnos

  • Buen Pastor Foundation. AFH Activity Panama 2016 – Hogar Nuestra Señora.  AFH Activity: Participation: 30 people. Kitchen restauration; TV donated and protection for pool; snacks with the community. 



Escuela Rosa de América IE 6080

Construction of a roof in the playground and stairs to access it for children from 3 to 5 years old. A Friendly Hand Activity: Participation: 87 people. Reading groups for children, crafts, cookie decorations, art with balloons, and covered 130 books. The gender and diversity specialist of the representation achieved the participation of the Ministry of Women, who provided legal advice on cases of family violence.

Population benefited: 79 students


2015 – 2016


Dehvi Foundation (vital human development). Installation of 28 cork boards in 24 rooms.

A Friendly Hand Activity: Participation: 18 people. The blackboards were installed and plants were cut and arranged. The following activities were carried out with the children: bucket contest, water balloon war, soccer play and lunch shared with the community.

Population benefited: 122 children (0 to 6 years)

foto pizarra de corcho


San Rafael Foundation Pai Lino Polytechnic School

Implementation of Electricity Workshop.

A Friendly Hand Activity: Participation of 19 people. Design of a mural, painting on the walls, and a brunch.

Population benefited: 54 students

Taller de electricidad