I this section you will find some articles, videos, and webinars that will better explain and give you some tips, of College admission process, financial aids and scholarship opportunities in the United States. Our aim is to help parents understand and take full advantage of the benefits offered to move through the whole process in a smooth way.

This article of The Washington Post website, you will encounter the opinion of several admissions officers about what they look for in candidates.
In the following link you will find the Webinar held at the IDB Family Association on March 15th 2016, by Revolution Prep, a company specialized in preparing College admissions tests.

The Insider's Guide to College Admissions Tests - IDB from IDB Family Association on Vimeo

Presenter: Erin Manke, Academic Counseling
The first step in the financial aid process is the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" or "FAFSA". The FAFSA can seem like a very confusing application to complete, but this video lesson will take you through everything you need to know, step-by-step.

iGrad on YouTube

Presenter: Laura Kaplan-Nieto,
What factors should I consider when applying to college? Dan Edmonds, VP of Research & Development at Noodle (the search engine for educational decisions), helps answer that commonly asked question…

from Noodle on YouTube

Presenter: Dan Edmonds,
This article of College Board website, explained the process to apply for scholarships and about different types of financial aid.

Free training on how to apply for Scholarships