“A friendly Hand Project – Peru 2016”

Congratulations to the Family Association in Peru for a job well done! Recently they finalized with great success a project in “Rosa de Américas” Elementary School in Lima. A large number of families helped in this activity. Once the event at the school ended,...


International Luncheon – Costa Rica 2016

On October 12th, the Family Association in Costa Rica organized an “International Luncheon” and invited employees and their spouses. The event was well attended and featured a variety of traditional dishes from several countries.


Mother’s Day and Bingo – Panama 2016

The Family Association in Panama celebrated Mother’s Day with a family luncheon. A bingo was also organized to raise supplementary funds for “A Helping Hand” Project. The activity was well attended and everyone enjoyed the prizes.

Mano Amiga 2016

Project “A Friendly Hand – Paraguay 2016”

The Family Association in Paraguay built and equipped an electricity shop for the students at San Rafael School. This project was financed using funds from “A Friendly Hand” Program. Congratulations to the Family Association in Paraguay for completing this project. PROYECTO UNA MANO AMIGA...


Father’s Day 2016 – Panama

The Family Association in Panama celebrated Father´s Day with a hands on artistic activity in which parents and children painted ceramic pieces in a local shop. A great way to spend time together and leave behind the stress from work.


Picnic 2016 – Chile

With great joy the Family Association in Chile held its annual Picnic at the end of June. This event was well received by adults and children.

Actividad dia del padre 20

Father´s Day 2016

This year the Family Association in Peru celebrated Father´s Day with an activity in which fathers decorated cookies with their children.


MOTHER´S DAY Honduras – 2016

On May 6th, moms of the Family Association in Honduras were honored with a luncheon at Liquidámbar Restaurant. A total of 40 mothers attended this event between staff members, spouses, and retirees.



The Family Association in Bolivia celebrated Mother´s Day with a fun gathering at Hotel Ritz, La Paz. The invitation included staff members, spouses, and retirees.


Diversity Day – 2016

On May 2016, the Family Association at El Salvador celebrated “Diversity Day”. At this gathering, all members attended presentations and shared food from various countries.


Cherished Moments _ Bahamas 2015

The Family Association in Bahamas started its activities in April, 2015, and throughout the year it organized several social gatherings that have consolidated its presence in the Country Office. Congratulations on your First Anniversary!

Nueva Directiva IADB Argentina3

New Board_Argentina 2016

The Board of Argentina was renewed during a nice gathering at a local coffee shop. Mili Rios was elected President and with lots of enthusiasm the new Board started their work baking “alfajores” that will be distributed at the Bank’s office.

Hogar de las Bienaventuranzas 9

Diaper Donation – 2016

The Family Association in Peru conducted a campaign to collect diapers. This campaign began on December, 2015 and culminated on April 15th, with the delivery of the donation to “Hogar de las Bienaventuranzas”, located in the town of Lurin. This institution houses children and...

Pascua 1


The Family Association in Paraguay started 2016 in a very energetic way. In this first quarter they celebrated Women’s Day with a breakfast and Easter with their traditional Egg Hunt. In addition they concluded a project in which they built an electricity shop for...

Picnic 2015 IDBFamily Nicaragua (1)

Picnic 2015

On June 19th, 2015, the Family Association of Nicaragua held its traditional annual Picnic. On this occasion they visited a Resort on an island a enjoyed a fantastic day. The event had a great turnout and it was an activity where youngsters and adults...


Presentation of New Board – 2015

The Family Association of Suriname presented its new Board and launched it´s plan of activities for 2015 during an Assembly held at the IDB offices. New employees were also welcomed at this gathering. Best wishes to the new President, Mrs. Mirta Funes, and the...


Visit to a Foster Home – 2015

The Family Association in Mexico once again demonstrated its solidarity by visiting the “Hogar Dulce Hogar” Foundation and spending the day with them.


Children’s Day – 2015

The Family Association in Brasil celebrated it´s Children´s Day with an entertaining family gathering where kids and adults enjoyed fun activities.



A group of ladies of the Family Association in Panama organized a walk on Cerro Ancón and afterwards they shared a delicious picnic. What a healthy initiative!


Project Kaya “A Friendly Hand, Bolivia – 2015”

Using funds from “A Friendly Hand” Program, the Family Association in Bolivia donated several computers to a school in La Paz. In addition, in two days of volunteer work they were able to paint some rooms and clean up the playground and garden area....



On August, 2015 the Family Association in Peru held its Family day at Beach Club “Punta Negra”. It was a lovely gathering.


“A Friendly Hand Project – Perú 2015”

Thanks to a joint effort, The Family Association of Peru completed the construction of a sports field for a public school in Lima. This project was financed using funds from “A Helping Hand” and “Social Projects” Programs. In addition, the Family Association organized several...


“A Friendly Hand Project – Peru 2015”

Thanks to a joint effort, The Family Association of Peru completed the construction of a sports field for a public school in Lima. This project was financed using funds from “A Helping Hand” and “Social Projects” Programs. In addition, the Family Association organized several...

098 (2)

En of Year party 2015

The Family Association in Bolivia organized an end-of-year dance at Hotel Casa Grande. It was a lovely night that gathered 90 people.


Christmas activity 2015

In a demonstration of teamwork, the Family Association of Brazil prepared Christmas baskets for all IDB employees in Brasilia.



With great joy the Family Association in Chile held its Christmas luncheon. The event brought together adults and children. The kids also received a visit from Santa Claus.

IMG_3164 (2)

Mother´s day celebration – 2015

In Panama Mother´s Day is celebrated on December 8th. On this occasion, the Family Association organized a gathering that included music, dance and regional food from various countries. The children crafted flowers using recycled materials for their moms.


Christmas Brunch – 2015

The Family Association in Peru together with the Bank´s management organized a festive Christmas Brunch for the children of the staff. The activity took place at the IDB offices in Peru.

BBQ fundraiser

BBQ Fundraiser

The Family Association in Belize organized a BBQ to raise funds for a Christmas Party that will take place in December with children of a poor community. It was a great team effort which further demonstrates their sense of solidarity. Click here to watch...

IADB Honduras Donation (4)


The Family Association in Honduras demonstrated its solidarity spirit by organizing a social assistance activity in which they distributed 45 backpacks with school supplies to students from Santa María Reyna Parish, a community located in a marginal area of Tegucigalpa.

IADB Panama New Members PP (1)

Welcome Event for New Members

The Family Association in Panama organized a city tour to Old Panama in order to welcome several new members. After the tour they enjoyed lunch and a musical show. No doubt this was a great welcome event for the new members of the Family.



Close the window, watch your wallet, hide the phone…, are phrases we say or think when we encounter “street kids” … However, the Family Association in Uruguay has found a better way to interact with them.   For more than five years the Family...

Festival Gastronómico -2015 (1)

International Food Festival -2015

On June, 2015, the Family Association in El Salvador organized an International Food Festival which was attended by 80 members. For this occasion, each family prepared a traditional dish from their countries of origin. In addition of enjoying a delicious meal, the group had...

Imágen Grupal

Easter 2015

On Saturday, May 9th, the Family Association in Paraguay organized its traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  This was a cheerful event and had the presence of the Easter Bunny who entertained the kids while adults had the chance of enjoying themselves.  This activity was also...

Arte Terapia

Art Therapy – An initiative to imitate

Since the past October, 3 volunteers from the Family Association in Nicaragua have implemented an assistance project helping children from the Aproquen Institution through Art Therapy. The volunteers visit this childcare institution on a weekly basis and through patience and love teach children how...


Change Board of Directors

  On last April the Family Association in  Barbados elected its new Board.  Congratulations to Dora Branski, the new President; and best wishes for the entire team!


Creating Family Association in Haiti

 Congratulations to Haiti on the recent creation of their Family Association.  Special thanks to all lthe volunteers who have accepted a position in the new Board.  Our special recognition to Francine Roberge, the new President, and Kenol Thys, treasurer.   Best wishes for the...


Children’s Day

And all adults became kids… On April 30th, the Family Association in Mexico celebrated “Children´s Day” sharing donuts with anyone feeling young in spirit.  

la foto 1

A Family Sunday

  The Family Association of Panama organized a fun visit to Biomuseo. After the visit the participants shared a delicious lunch at Restaurant Pencas. With this entertaining activity several new members of the Family Association were welcomed.    

Bahamas Junta Directiva

Election of Board Members

With great joy we received the news that the Bahamas Family Association held its first General Assembly Meeting. During this meeting their by-laws were approved and also the first Board was elected. We congratulate Ma. Adelayda Castañeda on her appointment as President, and wish...


News in El Salvador

The Family Association in El Salvador has developed a great way to promote family presence within the IDB work. Every year they organize a “Bring your kid to work day” where employee families visit the office, share breakfast, and then visit a project financed...

20141114_almuerzoBIDCVE-2 - Copy

Welcome Lunch

On november, 2014 the Family Association in Venezuela hosted a luncheon to welcome all new families and to introduce the new Board of Directors. Special thanks to Naily Contreras for all the work done during her tenure as President of the Family Association. Congratulations...

Imagen Destacada

Celebrating a Mexican Tradition

On the occasion of the Feast Day of All Souls, the Family Association in Mexico decorated an altar in the Bank’s office and organized an activity where children and adults were invited. In this way, the Country Office celebrated a traditional Mexican custom.  ...


Social Project

  Recently, the  Family Association in Ecuador delivered an industrial kitchen to  the “Jose Kentenich – Children of Mary” Foundation. The donation was done using funds from the Social Projects Program. Congratulations to Ecuador on such a noble initiative!   


Bingo in Colombia

We congratulate the Family Association in Colombia for all the hard work and effort invested in organizing its annual Bingo. This year the Bingo took place in October and it left  $ 10,000  in proceeds.  The income will be used to fund various social...


Mother’s Day Argentina

The Family Association in Argentina celebrated Mother’s Day with a guided tour to the National Theater. After the visit, all guests enjoyed a delicious tea.

Feature Picture

Avon Walk in Mexico

The IDB family joined the AVON Walk to support Breast Cancer. There were 22 participants enrolled and the activity generated great enthusiasm for organizing a group for the next race.   After the event, the Coronado family kindly offered their house for breakfast and...


Venezuela meeting

The joy experienced by our colleagues in Venezuela is contagious. The pictures of the break from the everyday routine are the evidence of the pleasant evening in which they shared typical food, dances and fun. Congratulations to all!      


Be a Volunteer!

The IDB Family Association in El Salvador, working with HABITAT for Humanity, carried out Voluntary Work with the participation of their families. They had the opportunity to help other families build their homes and teach the associates’ children the importance of serving others. It...

panama feature post

Asociación de familias en Panamá

A. El pasado 4 de Diciembre, se realizó la primera actividad de la Asociación de Familias. Para lo cual se dieron cita en el muelle La Playita de Amador, los funcionarios, los jubilados y los consultores de la Representación en compañía de sus familias,...


News from the Family Association of El Salvador

Dear Graciela, Please receive my warmest regards. Following the initiative of the Bank’s Executive Vice-president, and as part of the activities carried out by the Family Association with the aim of supporting children in their professional orientation towards different careers, last April 25th, 2013,...


New board of Guatemala

Dear all in the IDB Family Association in Washington, The IDB Family Association in Guatemala wishes to inform you that starting on June 1st 2013, there will be a new Board of Directors, comprised by the following people: President: Ana Silvia Ponciano Co-president:...


Asociación de familias de Suriname

Con gran alegría queremos compartir con ustedes la noticia de la creación de la Asociación de Familias en Suriname. Les deseamos mucha suerte y estamos a sus órdenes! Esta es la comunicación que recibimos el dia 26 de Marzo de 2013: It’s my pleasure...


Desde Panamá

Agradecemos al Representante, al Comité de Solidaridad y a los miembros de la Asociación de Familias, conformados por los funcionarios, consultores, jubilados y sus familias, por la participación voluntaria, sincera y espontanea en la manana literaria de CUENTA CUENTOS, realizada el pasado viernes 16...


To the great Honduras family

To the great Honduras’ family Please receive our warmest congratulations for such an active participation in the past elections for the Family Association Board. We celebrate the leadership and the contributions made by Paola Restrepo, Kelvin Suero, and Susana Carpio. Their commitment and dedication...


News from Jamaica

We share the joy from the Jamaica Family Association in their last event that took place on March 30th, and that was reflected in their organization and work capability. We congratulate them, particularly, for their valuable strategic alliances with community leaders. We have no...


Congratulations to Ecuador

Congratulations to the IDB Family Association from Ecuador! We would like to join the “Gorritas Azules” Foundation in their recognition to our Association. We value their long-standing and unconditional support to such a noble cause. From the bottom of our hearts, your accomplishments make...

Video “A Friendly Hand” Perú

The Project “A Friendly Hand”,sponsored by the IDB-WDC Family Association, combines the value of union and participation. IDBemployees, their families and thePeruvian community are successfully carrying out a project along with the “Rebaño de Jesús” home. Watch this video and get on with this...


A Friendly Hand in Peru

The Project “A Friendly Hand”,sponsored by the IDB-WDC Family Association, combines the value of union and participation. IDBemployees, their families and thePeruvian community are successfully carrying out a project along with the “Rebaño de Jesús” home. Watch this video and get on with this...


50th Anniversary of the Family Association!

It’s the beginning of the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the Family Association! On a sunny afternoon Colombia begins this celebration full of energy. The party, held at the Country Club “El Rancho” last March 29th, was enjoyed among pleasant talks, strawberry lemonade...


Asociación de Familias de Jamaica

En un increíble trabajo de equipo, la Asociación de Familias de Jamaica ejecutó un Proyecto Mano Amiga el 3 de Mayo del 2014. El proyecto “Adopte una Colina” es una contribución al medio ambiente donde toda la Familia BID trabajó en forma conjunta con...


Asociación de Familias de México

El 31 de mayo pasado la Asociación de Familias de México celebró su primer “Día de Familia”. En un día lleno de sol, todos compartieron alegres momentos y actividades divertidas. Los más chicos sembraron plantas y los más grandes jugaron fútbol entre muchas otras...


Asociación de Familias de Ecuador

En días pasados la Asociación de Familias de Ecuador organizó dos lindos eventos. Primero celebraron el “Día de la Madre” con un rico almuerzo en el cuál aprovecharon para despedir a las familias Hintze y Gravel . Luego, el 7 de junio disfrutaron de...


Christmas party 2013

The IADB Family Association in El Salvador prepared with dedication and enthusiasm for everybody to enjoy, a dinner and ball to celebrate Christmas and say farewell to the year 2013 attended by active and retired employees and their spouses.


Gincanas, futbol and cheerful holiday spirit in Peru

The Families IDB in Peru would like to share the joyful experienced in our Christmas celebration held last Saturday the 16th, at Club 108 in Cieneguilla , thanks to the joint organization of the Family Association and IDB management . We enjoyed a large...