Attributes of Our Brand,

The Reason to Be Different

It is what makes us unique. It is our personal stamp for each action we perform:


  • Supports families in every adaptation process upon arrival to a new country
  • Creates diverse strategies to maintain family union
  • Promotes a cooperative and friendly environment among its members
  • Fosters programs and events that are interesting for the members
  • Develops social projects to improve the quality of life in the region’s communities 


  • Sensitive
  • Friendly
  • Sincere
  • Kind
  • Solidaire
  • Fair
  • Equitative
  • Inclusive


  • Supports family diversity 
  • It’s dutiful. It respects difference in gender, race, and faith
  • It promotes inclusion into the community
  • It creates a space for cultural exchange
  • It believes in friendship as a change agent

What Moves Us

Empowered Families

We are an organization that promotes empowering each member of our families by creating social and professional development. 

Culture Integration

Our origin is diversity. We are the result of a need to create a place for every family member of the IDB employees to feel they are not alone in their new life.


It’s the main pillar of our organization. We believe that collaboration is the greatest strength for better adaptation.