The IDB Family Association Social Assistance Committee aims at promoting, evaluating, and submitting for approval the social programs. Its objective is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable communities in Latin America and The Caribbean.

The IDB Family Association Board of Directors in Washington, DC is responsible for approving each one of the projects requested through the Social Assistance Committee.

The 26 Country Offices in the region are in charge of preparing the applications for each social project and their surveillance for the adequate use of the assigned resources.

The Social Assistance Committee has two types of support programs where our members can be
social volunteers:

Social Projects

Created in 1995, there have been more than a hundred projects executed to support children, teenagers, and women living in poverty in Latin America and The Caribbean. These projects are funded through the earnings from the Holiday Bazaar, organized each year by the IDB Family Association in the headquarters of the Inter-American Development Bank, and through other activities that support the program.

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A Friendly Hand

It promotes development of social projects to benefit communities in Latin America and The Caribbean through active participation and integration of the IDB Families. Benefits are mutual. Our community participates and offers ‘A Friendly Hand’ in solidarity with the projects and needs of each country.

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