The Socio-Cultural Department is in charge of carrying out activities of a social and cultural nature for the members of the Association. Its main objective is to promote the integration of the members of the Association, proposing an event plan adapted to the needs and preferences of the different groups of members according to their ages and stages of adaptation.

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What we offer

Play groups for children

We offer a variety of options for our youngest members and organize all our activities according to your needs: Group of babies, pre-school group, and school group.

Teens and pre-teens Group

We develop activities for these two groups of members that allow them to meet people of their age and at the same time integrate into the community.

The Art + Design & Craft Club

Created by a group members who shared their love for Art. They focus in some kind of hand work such as embroidery, painting, collage, sculpting and also theoretical studies related to art. If you want to know more about us go to:

Summer activities for children

Every year we offer summer activities for our members between the ages of two and seven, in which they can practice their Spanish with Latin American teachers.

Activities for families

We constantly organize integration events that involve each member of the family. The main intention is to establish spaces in which we highlight our international qualities and know a little more about the different cultures that make up our community.

Cultural activities

We offer opera and ballet nights, guided tours of recreational and cultural nature, and tour groups to different destinations near the Washington DC area.

Reading groups in Spanish and English

To support our English and Spanish classes for adults, we offer reading groups in both languages, where our members can practice their reading and conversation skills.

Wellness activities

We offer yoga classes for adults and wellness talks for every member of the family

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