Our Mission

The IDB Family Association is an organization funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to provide support for the families of IDB employees in their adaptation process through several programs and activities to help them bond and feel integrated into the community.

We create community by offering support and providing the practical assistance and necessary services our members require in a space of friendship, coming together, and in cooperation.

The Family Association is present in 26 country offices in Latin America and the Caribbean to provide support to the families who relocate, as well as to develop, promote, and carry out various social programs and efforts through our Social Assistance Committee. 

Our Goals

To promote the wellbeing of the families of IDB Employees in the different stages of their adaptation to their new environment.

To support and maintain contact and exchange of information between the Headquarters Offices and the Family Associations in other countries.

To maintain a close relationship with the Staff Association, the Retiree Association, the Human Resources Department, and other administrative offices of the Bank to coordinate joint actions and serve better our Members.

To develop programs and events that appeal our members together with other national and international entities.

Our History


The Inter-American Development Bank is inaugurated during the first Meeting of Governors in El Salvador, where Mr. Felipe Herrera was elected the first President.


As the migratory process begins for IDB employees and their families, Ms. Ann Upton & Ms. Agnes Wolf understand the impact of employee migrations and create a program to make it easier for them to change their countries of residence and adapt to the United States. The Human Relations Committee, and the Counseling Committee are born thereof with the efforts of Ms. Upton, Ms. Inés Herrera, and a group of committed volunteers in Washington, DC.


The Human Relations Committee and the Counseling Committee write under supervision of the Bank Employee Association the first bylaws for the “Ladies’ Committee”.


Mr. Antonio Ortiz Mena, the new President of the IDB, and his wife, Ms. Martha S. de Ortiz Mena create a permanent office in the Bank Headquarters, confirming their support to the Ladies’ Committee.

1972 - 1974

The Ladies’ Committee becomes the ‘IDB Family Association’, as it is known today. Its name highlights the public it serves, i.e., the family members of IDB Employees.


The IDB Family Association is an autonomous organization with its own bylaws and an annual budget funded by the Bank. It is integrated by a Board of Directors elected by its members every two years in a General Assembly; a Coordinator and an Assistant employed by the IDB who work as a liaison between both entities; and by members who volunteer to implement the Work Plan established by the Members of the Board.


Spouses, Domestic Partners, Children & Parents of IDB Staff Members and Consultants can enroll. Our membership is free of charge. 

The only requirement to be part of Our Family is to fill out this form.