The Family Association has a Board of Directors comprised of volunteers elected for a two-year period during a General Assembly. The volunteers who can run for a chair in the Board should be members of the IDB Family Association and will be responsible of preparing and executing a definite Work Plan while in functions of the following roles:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer 
  • Area Directors 
    • Education
    • Socio-Cultural
    • Communications
    • Career Development
    • Country Offices

Each of the directorates has a group of volunteers in charge of carrying out and assessing specific responsibilities related to their professional profile.

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Organizational Chart

Meet the Board

The current Board of Directors proposes that the IDB Family Association be a space for support and integration. It is led by volunteers committed to the welfare of IDB families. A diverse space, in which camaraderie and professionalism come together to encourage the active participation of its members.


Paola Cuba

For the past four years, Paola has been the Coordinator of the Pre-School and School Group of the IDB Family Association.

Previously, she volunteered at the Maryland International Women Group. She also worked as Deputy Director of the Rosemount Center in Washington DC and was a preschool teacher in KinderCare, North Carolina.

Paola is a Bolivian national and graduated from the law school of the Catholic University. She has two children and enjoys reading and yoga.

Vice President

Carmen Porras

Costa Rican. Business Manager. She holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. Mother of two (12 and 10 years old), has lived in Washington, DC since 2006. She has extensive experience in Corporate Affairs of multinational companies, as well as corporate social responsibility, relationships with government and development and implementation of volunteer projects that benefit the immediate community.




Miguel Masi

Paraguayan.  Bachelor of Accounting Sciences graduated from the Catholic University of Asunción.  He has 25 years of experience leading companies dedicated to air catering and companies. Responsible for logistics, operations, human resources, training, and acquisitions. Miguel has been an active member of this Association since 2014. Father of two daughters.  He sees the Association as a support for families to collaborate and integrate into a new community.

Communications Director

Rafael Alonso Mayo

Colombian. Anthropologist and specialist in political communication. He has worked as a journalist for various media in his country and the region, specializing in social research and armed conflicts. As a result of his work, in 2018 he published the book "Sanar las heridas, crónicas del conflict armado en Ituango".

He has been a communications consultant for various academic and international cooperation projects. He has also worked as a university professor. Currently, he is carrying out a Master's degree in Human Rights, Democracy and Globalization.


Socio-Cultural Director

Luciana Mora

Luciana Mora is from Argentina and has lived in Maryland since 2018. She is the mother of four children and is a lawyer with postgraduate studies in Cultural Management, among others. She has worked for more than twenty years in public and private management, and in parallel, she has traveled the world of art and culture from these varied work experiences. She has been making ceramic sculpture for 10 years and her jewelry pieces have been sold at the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires (MALBA).

Education Director

Carmen Delgadillo

Born in Bolivia. She studied business administration at Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and professional cook graduated from the Instituto Gastronómico Argentino. Former IADB staff at the country office in Bolivia and volunteer member of the family association in the country offices of Chile and Paraguay.

Mother of four children, enjoys cooking, dancing and reading. She is very thankful for all the support that the Family Association gives to its members not only at country offices but also at headquarters. 

Career Development Director

Carolina Collaer

Carolina is a Belgian/Venezuelan married to Julien Collaer who has worked at IDB starting June 2019 and who she has two children with.

She is a political scientist, a lawyer and an image consultant. In Belgium she had worked as a freelance consultant in the area of styling, content creation, marketing, advertising, communication and social media.

It's her first time in the United States. She is currently working on improving her English, as well as taking advantage of the countless opportunities this country has to offer. As a Career Development Director, she is  committed to work diligently to help all dependants in their search for career development opportunities and for this to be a mutually beneficial experience for everyone involved. The doors are open, and she thanks the IDB Family Association for always ensuring the well-being of all its members.

Director of Country Offices

Catalina Bahamón

She has been living in DC since 2018. Previously, she has  lived  in the Dominican Republic, where she was the President of the IDB Family Association  for 3 years.

She studied communications and journalism at the Externado University in Bogotá, Colombia.

She has two children: Juan Camilo, 21, who lives in Bogotá and Sara María, 18, who lives in Maryland, finishing her High School.

She has 12 years of experience working in  construction companies in Colombia, managing the commercial area. Prior to this experience, she worked in the commercial area for the financial sector for 4 years. After this work, she managed  the communications of the project that designed the policy of women farmers with the UNDP in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia. Additionally, she was part of the Superintendence of Domiciliary Public Services of Colombia in the Social Control division.

She thinks that the Family Association is the most important pillar and support for an expatriate in the transition to a new country.It is the friendly face of the organization, which extends its hand. Particularly, when arriving in this country the Association becomes our space of wellness. It’s the place where identity unites us, the space that brings us together and where we become a family.